Adrian had a calm, easy going nature which made it easy for me to talk to him about the issues I was having. He created a safe, comfortable, open space for discussion.

NSW, Australia

My coaching experience with Adrian has been so beneficial. The knowledge that he has from his own life experiences really comes through in our sessions. I first came to Adrian for coaching on pushing myself forward and trying new things and new experiences and I’m now feeling more confident in doing so all the time. He has encouraged me to reflect on why I often don’t follow through on what I want to do and the ideas I have which I am still working on!

United Kingdom

Adrian has been organised, on time and given clear guidance whilst listening and having an open mind. Adrian made me feel

very comfortable, I actually said more than I intended to ever say.

He displayed good listening skills made me feel at ease and I didn’t feel judged. Very important.

NSW, Australia

I would describe the coaching experience as a very pleasant experience where I gained incredible amount of new information and suggestions to help me reach some life goals.

Great experience! I now have a food journal and am able to see for myself how I am effected by my dietary habits. Adrian was very good at giving real examples how this could be used as a daily practice and why.

I also was given alternative snacks information in form of a pdf to replace my unhealthy food choices (ie pack of biscuits at 10 pm). I learnt alot about eating at different times of the day as well and how the digestive system works and stores energy.

Perth, Australia

I gained some insight from Adrian as to some new options I could take for myself that I hadn’t given much thought to.

Adrian immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to, which made for a very open communication which felt like a conversation with a friend.

NSW, Australia

Adrian has really inspired and educated me and helped me to gain perspective and a degree of detachment from my ‘problems’ that allows me to move forward more freely and with less anxiety. Discussing grief and the impact that it has had on me with someone who has experienced a similar loss has really helped me to process my feelings around that too.

United Kingdom

Adrian was very easy to make appointments with and was very punctual with all his meetings with me. In the time I first made contact with Adrian I am down 4 kg and am already feeling the health benefits of our discussions. Also, I would like to add I learnt a little more about various food and Adrian made me see for myself with a food diary how different nutrition effects our body on a daily basis.


The coach presented himself very calm and relaxed. The dialogue between us seemed to flow from beginning to end and he always seemed to be very confident in his understanding upon the topics discussed. This was very comforting.


BREATHWORK – He has a gift of making people feel comfortable, safe, and really takes his time to listen to you. During our session I sometimes needed a push- were Adrian was very professional and helpful giving good guidance through our session together. I have already recommended Adrian to my family and friends. He has a unique gift of making people feel safe and conduct his practice in a very professional way.

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