Hi, my name is Adrian. More commonly known as, Cheddar.

Since leaving my island home of Tasmania, age 19, I have lived in seven different countries, hitch hiked an entire continent, worked countless volunteer jobs, changed career several times, scrutinized my body and mind in intense situations, tried out various adventure sports, lived in a van, and eventually embraced holistic healing as a way of life.

At 19, i moved to sydney, worked at the opera house and partied in Bondi. Four long years of late nights, deep friendships, heartbreak and bodybuilding. A group of friends that became family, through peer pressure and substance abuse, eventually separated paths, where I was left to ponder, is this all there is?

A one way ticket to Europe to continue my hedonistic ways didn’t satisfy my soul searching efforts. After two years of relentless travel, new experiences, cultures, girlfriends, and long sleepless nights. I was again asking myself, is this all there is?

This time, I was homeless, unemployed, had destroyed a healthy promising relationship, and witnessed a close friend deteriorate from excessive drug abuse. With all the freedom and liberation achieved from globe trotting, I couldnt help but to sit on the floor of the illegal basement apartment I was squatting in, and ask, is this all there is?

I packed my backpack and made a determined internal pact to myself. ‘do things that make you feel good’. I put my phone in the bin, stuck my thumb out on the side of the road, and hitch hiked and volunteered for almost three years.

This humbling experience dissolved my inflated ego and opened me up to a new way of living. What started as a cheap way to travel between destinations was now my preferred method of commute. I valued work for the sake of giving, and felt an internal spark when I expected nothing in return. I was filling my cup of experience.

My attachments to possessions and monetary value dissapeared. I simply had no need for much money and could only pack the essentials. My new value system was centred around that original simple pact of doing more of what made me feel good.

I learnt patience and trust through hitchhiking.

I learnt the deep connection to animals, nature and how to survive in extreme conditions while dog sledding.

I learnt adventure sports, endurance running and yoga.

I learnt to quieten the mind and develop a spiritual connection.

I learnt through connecting to others and their culture.

I learnt to be the eternal student.

Our current capitalist system often rewards greed, consumption and manipulation with financial wealth. This is a material observation. Go deeper inside yourself and you will learn real rewards come from within, as a feeling, a spark, a smile. Energy. This is the system I aim to operate under. Finding happiness within, using simple techniques grounded from nature.

I have felt and understood the benefits and inevitable challenges of making lifestyle changes. It is not easy and can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have no idea how to approach it, like I initially did. Through curiosity and determination things can turn around. The next step in my journey is to assist others who seek change.

I have taken the long path, so that you don’t have to. Although I hold no regrets, it is not necessary to hitch hike a continent in order to understand the basic principles of health and happiness, the natural state of the human being

For personalized, one on one assistance. Contact me via e-mail.


  • Certified Mind-Body Practitioner – Mind Body Food Institute
  • Certified Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach – Mind Body Food Institute
  • Certified Nutritionist – Nutrition Institute
  • Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor – Innerfire
  • Kriya Yoga Meditation Initiation – Per Wise (Austria)
  • Meditation Accredited Practitioner – The Priority Academy
  • Volunteer – Alpen Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Austria)
  • Volunteer – Govinda Valley Yoga and Meditation (Australia)
  • Vipassana Meditation 10-day silent retreat (Tas, Australia)
  • Volunteer – Vipassana Meditation, server (Tas, Australia)
  • Wim Hof Method – Fundamentals Course
  • Breath Of Life Breathwork course – Udemy
  • Sleddog Tour Guide – Wild Spirit Sleddogs (Sweden)
  • Ultra Marathon – 100km – 13:14h (Tas, Australia)
  • Ultra Marathon – 68km – 10h (Run Up For Air – Patagonia)
  • Extreme Fjord Marathon – 55km – 5:33h (Hardangervidda, Norway)
  • Ultra Marathon – 70km – 10h (San Francesco Way – Italy)
  • Marathon – 42km – 3:06h (Tas, Australia)
  • Marathon – 42km – 3:30h (Netherlands)
  • Volunteer – Furu Hostel (Norway)
  • Volunteer – Euphoria Hostel (Estonia)
  • Volunteer – Ocean Spirits Lodge (Portugal)
  • Volunteer – Raw Ocean Lodge (Norway)
  • Volunteer – Stoketoberfest (Germany)
  • Volunteer – Roskilde Festival (Denmark)
  • Qualified Electrician (NSW, Australia)
  • Painter (Denmark)
  • Crew Boss, Stagehand (UK, Denmark)

What People Say

Adrian immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to, which made for a very open communication which felt like a conversation with a friend.

Adrian presents himself very professionally and at the same time he is very calm and humble in the way he presents new information and also patient when I tried to put into words my experiences. He seemed to flawlessly take notes during conversation that as mentioned above allowed the conversation to flow and move through various topics quite nicely.

He provided additional notes at the end of the session to help with fitness and health goals. Helped me focus on meditation to help with stress and anger management. I was able to find a new perspective around my financial situation.

Let’s build something together.

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