Holistic Health

Holistic health is creating a healthy balance across all the various aspects of your life. This balance will be unique to you and your specific life situation. Some areas to explore are:

Food – consuming and preparing quality, whole food nutrition

Spirituality – a connection to something greater than yourself

Adventure – stepping outside your comfort zone

Fitness – maintaining a strong and balanced physic

Mindfulness – cultivating presence and awareness in the mind

Connection – personal relationships, animals, nature, the environment

Growth – study, learn, teach, guide, listen

I have designed a health coaching program that is centred around using intuitive insights from my varied life experience, combined with scientifically proven mind body techniques.


  • Learning and teaching about ways to improve the body and mind
  • Fail, an optimal way to learn
  • Tapping into the flow state and spark that comes from doing what you love
  • Finding joy in the simple things
  • Supporting organic, whole food diets
  • Listening to people, the natural world, and my inner guidance
  • Pushing my physical body to see what its limits are
  • Live minimalist, detachment from material possessions
  • Fun, enjoyment, creativity
  • Be in nature
  • Kindness, generosity, acts of service

A coach will aim to help you bring your ideal lifestyle into reality.

Take control of your life by living in alignment with your values and beliefs, productively set and achieve goals, create and maintain new behaviour patterns, uncover limiting beliefs, use positive self-talk, understand the mechanics of the mind, manage stress, and eating well.

You will be held accountable by committing to making gradual, consistent, achievable goals.

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