What is coaching?

A chance for you to discuss your life story as you perceive it. Describe your past, present, and ideal future, in an open, non judgemental environment.

What will you do?

Be honest and open, commit to yourself and the plan you’ve created. Show up, document your progress, learn from failure and celebrate your success.

How long does it take?

My goal as a coach is to guide you into developing the skills and awareness for taking control of your own life, eventually, you wont need anymore assistance.

What will a coach do?

Listen to you, provide feedback, and support. Give advice if its asked for. Encourage you to move forward in the direction you want to go, help create an action plan designed to achieve your ideal lifestyle, and hold you accountable to it.

Why should you do it?

It’s nice to know someone’s got your back, particularly if you’re struggling. If you have an idea or a goal, an unfulfilled talent, a desired lifestyle, or just need motivation to get moving, a coach will help you bring ideas into reality and get the ball rolling.

Sports Performance

Are you an active individual who wants to get the most out of your physical body?
Did you know that you can train less, allow more time for work, friends and family, and improve your performance?
By taking a holistic approach to training, we will maximize your ability, by focusing on all the small things that add up to ultimate health.
I put a focus on the philosophical ‘why’ behind your training goals, motivating you towards achieving them, using methods focused on rest, recovery, diet, and training with purpose.

– Train less, recover more, improve performance.
– Sports specific diet plans.
– Set and achieve physical goals.
– Learn a holistic, ancestral approach to fitness.


Breathing techniques are a powerful way to improve health, and bring awareness to your body and the present moment.
Feel the power within from tapping into this ancient tool for self improvement.
Choose one on one guidance, or join a group workshop where you can connect with others in a safe and supportive environment

– One on one breathing sessions
– WHM Fundamentals Workshops
– WHM Breathing Classes
– Group courses


Food is a great place to start when making lifestyle changes.
It is a daily choice governed by your own thinking, that can dramatically impact the way you think and feel.
Using intuitive and mindful eating techniques, you will learn to listen your body, and honour it by choosing foods that make you feel good.
As a certified Nutritionist I have the skills and understanding to guide you towards your health goals by tailoring a diet plan to suit your unique body type and lifestyle goals.

– Non-restrictive diet plans from real food, designed to suit your body and lifestyle.
– Experiment what works best for you.
– Learn to practice mindful and intuitive eating.

Behaviour Change

Personal support, guidance and step by step action plans to help you get the most out of your life. Open communication in a safe and secure, non-judgmental environment. We will work together to discuss you, and your current lifestyle, your goals and plans for the future, and develop a plan moving forward, to help you take control of your own life journey.

– Personalized support and guidance.
– Goal setting, achieving, make new habits stick.
– Weekly homework assignments chosen by you.
– Accountability check ins and encouragement.

One session
Three Sessions
Six Sessions
Twelve Sessions

The coach presented himself very calm and relaxed. The dialogue between us seemed to flow from beginning to end and he always seemed to be very confident in his understanding upon the topics discussed. This was very comforting.

– Denmark

He has a gift of making people feel comfortable, safe, and really takes his time to listen to you. During our session I sometimes needed a push- were Adrian was very professional and helpful giving good guidance through our session together. I have already recommended Adrian to my family and friends. He has a unique gift of making people feel safe and conduct his practice in a very professional way.

– Norway

Let’s build something great together.

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